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Instead of manually creating all subtitles in Premiere yourself, Subtitle2xml does this for you! Just import the subtitle file (srt) into Subtitle2xml, and export it as an xml file. This file can be imported in Adobe Premiere Pro CC as Essential Graphics titles, and be overlayed on the timeline you want to give subtitles. You can even change them on the fly if you need to.

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Srt2png lets you convert .srt subtitle files to .png image files, in order to make ‘burned in’ subtitles in your video. The app exports .png’s with an associated .xml file, which you can then import in your favorite video editing software, like Adobe Premiere Pro. Once the .xml is imported in your NLE, it will generate a timed sequence of .png’s with an alpha layer, which you can overlay onto your video.

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Subtitle Retimer

Subtitle Retimer can add or subtract time from an SRT file. This way you can retime a subtitle file that doesn’t play in sync with your video, and save it as a new file.

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You may have changed my life.

"I edit ads full time and the client always expects open captions, arguably one of the worst working parts of premiere."



Love it

"Great program! Saves me a lot of time from typing out captions manually! Thank you"



This is the missing link for subtitles in Premiere.

"I am at the end of my tether trying to use the built in caption tool."



This is fantastic!!!

"Thank you so much."